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Miller Business Innovation Center (MBIC)

The Miller Business Resource Center is home to the Miller Business Innovation Center (MBIC), a mentorship-driven program and physical facility assisting innovative and scalable startups.  If you have a novel approach to your industry, and it has the potential to become a substantial business, then the MBIC is the right place for you.  The MBIC is a mixed-use incubator, which means the industry you are in does not play a factor in your participation or inclusion in the programs.  It’s all about innovation and scalability.

The incubator is a combination of physical space along with training and direct mentorship. Our physical space is a professional office setting with options for open co-working space, cubicles and closed-door offices.  We adhere to the “lean startup” model, and our coaching is action-oriented.

We offer three distinct programs designed to fit your company’s stage, which are detailed under the MBIC "Services" tab.